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Keep Cool with a Professional Window AC Repair

Your air conditioner is essential during the Texas summer. It keeps you and your family cool and comfortable. Problems with your AC lead to a major hassle. Our team at Royal Appliance can address your most complex window AC problems with an expert repair.

common problems

ice formation

AC units are cold but ice should not form on the unit and coil. It’s not a sign that your AC is keeping your home ice cold. It actually means there’s a problem that can be addressed by our experts. Your unit won’t cool your home despite the ice. Beat the heat and call our experts for a repair.

compressor issues

Noticeable problems like a lack of cool air and issues with the on/off cycle are tricky to diagnose. You’ve found no obvious issues after inspecting the unit. The issue lies within an unlikely component: your compressor. You’ll need the help of our technicians to address the problem, avoiding issues that arise from fixing the component yourself.

AC won't start

You notice your home is hot, turn on the cold AC, and run into a problem: the unit won’t start. You know something is wrong – but what? An AC unit refusing to turn on indicates problems with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Don’t continue to suffer in the heat. Our team replaces faulty components, ensuring your AC starts without problems.

local window AC repair

A Texas summer is the worst time to run into window AC unit problems. Keep your home, your family, and yourself cool with a repair from our team.

Call us at (281) 350-6605 or visit us at http://royalappliance.cc/contact-us/ to schedule.

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