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Don’t Wait – Call our Pros for a Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance. Ignoring signs of a refrigerator in need of repair leads to serious issues. Call the Royal Appliance team at the first signs of malfunction to avoid the following problems:

  • Flooded Kitchen

You walk into your kitchen, finding pools of water around your refrigerator. This is the most obvious sign of a malfunctioning refrigerator, indicating a repair is needed. A leaky seal, clogged defrost drain, or damaged water supply valve can allow water to escape your fridge. Ignoring the problem leads to further damage and electrical problems, meaning scheduling a repair ASAP is imperative.

  • Spoiled Food

A broken refrigerator can’t maintain a cool temperature, failing to preserve your food. Meat, dairy, and produce spoil if the problem isn’t addressed. Rotten food causes foul odors and illness, risking your family’s health. Professional technicians thoroughly diagnose the issue, addressing problems with the thermostat and faulty components. 

  • High Energy Bill

You open your energy bill and are shocked at the cost. What gives? Check your refrigerator. A malfunctioning appliance constantly uses electricity, leading to overheating and excessive energy consumption. Ignoring the problem will only lead to higher energy bills. Call an expert when the appliance feels hot to the touch, meaning it is using too much energy.

Ignoring the signs of a malfunctioning fridge can cause more harm than good. Don’t let a broken appliance disrupt your life! Call our pros at (281) 350-6605 or visit to schedule a refrigerator repair.