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Contact Our Team for a Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair

Your microwave plays a valuable role. It easily heats leftovers and quick snacks, taking the hassle out of firing up the oven. It’s important to schedule a microwave repair at the first sign of problems. Contact the experts at Royal Appliance when:

  • Your Appliance Makes Strange Sounds

It’s normal for your microwave to make some noise while running. Strange or excessively loud noises mean there is a problem. Various factors cause unusual noises, making it hard to address the issue yourself. Experts diagnose and repair the root cause, getting your appliance running properly again.

  • You Smell Smoke

Smoke coming from your appliance is never a good sign. It’s the most obvious way to tell a repair is needed. A smoking appliance is a fire hazard, indictive of a shorted wire or other serious problems. Turn off and unplug the appliance before calling an expert to safely address the issue.

  • Food Doesn’t Cook Properly

A microwave should cook your food thoroughly, quickly, and evenly. Raw, unevenly cooked food, or food taking longer than usual to cook indicate a problem. The issue is likely due to a failing power cord or malfunctioning internal components, meaning a professional is needed to repair the appliance correctly.

Your microwave shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to call an expert when a repair is needed. Get your appliance running like new! Call our team at (281) 350-6605 or visit to schedule a service.