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Range, Oven Calibration & Maintenance

Prevent costly repairs with our Range, Oven Calibration & Maintenance Package!

Avoid a kitchen appliance breakdown! Call the experts at Royal Appliance Parts & Service for professional range, oven calibration, and maintenance.

Our professional technicians will thoroughly test and calibrate your oven or range to ensure it runs like new.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services We Offer

Range, Oven Calibration
& maintenance

Get your oven and range fully inspected and calibrated.*
$ 160
  • Test supply for leaks and bubble test regulator and safety valve
    [if accessible]
  • Bake Broil Electronic Ignition And Operation
  • Air/Fuel Ratio And Mixture, Adjust If Necessary
  • Safety Valve Resistance And Operation
  • Door Seal/Gasket For Leaks
  • Door Hinge Operation
  • Self-Clean Latch And Mechanism Functions As Designed
  • Temperatures Of Bake And Broil And Calibrate Through Module Or Thermostat If Applicable.
  • Electronic Control Operation, Identify All Circuits Working Correctly
  • All Surface Burners Or Elements Are Cycling From High To Low And Functioning Correctly
  • All Fan Operations, Convection And Cooling Fans
  • All Electrical Connections That Are Accessible