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Need an Expert Ice Machine Cleaning? Let Our Experts Help!

An ice machine is essential during a Texas summer. It keeps drinks cold, allowing family or restaurant patrons to enjoy a refreshing drink. A dirty ice machine negates everything the appliance is meant to do, leading to problems like unsanitary ice, appliance breakdown, and expensive repairs. A cleaning service from Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. gets a dirty ice machine cleaner than ever before, providing the following benefits:

Maintenance and Cleaning Services We Offer

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Keep Ice Clean

Both commercial and residential ice machines should produce clean, sanitary ice. The moist conditions in your machine can be conducive to unhealthy bacteria. Grime buildup also accumulates as you continue to use the machine. These contaminants will seep into the ice without a proper cleaning. Our expert ice machine cleaning services keep ice clean and sanitized, preventing illness and other issues caused by ingesting bacteria and gunky build-up.

Increase the Amount of Ice Made

An ice maker is a machine, meaning it needs maintenance and cleaning to run properly. Avoiding a cleaning clogs up valuable components in the ice maker. This prevents the appliance from producing as much ice as it should. Clogged components also mean the appliance must work harder to produce less ice, leading to premature issues caused by overuse. A simple cleaning enables more ice to be made without the risk of a failing appliance.

Avoid Costly Repairs

A twice-yearly ice machine cleaning helps prevent issues that may lead to expensive repairs. Spending your money on a cleaning is much more cost-effective than scheduling repairs due to a lack of maintenance. Broken components, overheating, and mechanical defects all occur if an ice machine is not cleaned. Spend your money wisely and opt for a repair every 6 months, avoiding the need for constant, costly repairs.

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No one wants an ice machine to break down during summer due to a lack of maintenance. Need a cleaner ice machine?

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