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Royal Appliance provides expert dryer vent cleaning services to Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Clothes dryers have become an indispensable part of life for single-person households and families alike, but what many people don’t know is that this necessary appliance can be a leading cause of fires in the home, resulting in approximately 15,000 every year.

Once you begin using your dryer, a little preventative maintenance can keep it in good working order, along with keeping you and your home safe. Dryer vent cleanings are also a vital part of this preventative maintenance.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services We Offer

Dryer vent cleaning FAQs

One of the most common causes of dryer fires is lack of maintenance and cleaning. When lint traps aren’t cleaned as often as they should be, flammable lint builds up in the screen or other areas. This can lead to poor dryer performance, high operating temperatures, and potential overheating – all of which can come with dangerous consequences. Vent systems must also be checked and cleaned to maintain proper airflow for the same reasons.

Problems may also occur if consumers place items in their dryer that it cannot handle (such as foam-backed rugs or athletic shoes) or vent their appliance with plastic or vinyl exhaust materials. Make sure that whatever you put in your dryer is approved and safe to place in your appliance. When in doubt, check the washing instructions on the tag of your clothing or consult the manufacturer’s website for more information.

  • Clean the lint trap before and after drying each load of clothes.
  • Do not dry clothing/fabric that has been in contact with flammable substances (alcohol, cooking oils, gasoline, spot removers, dry-cleaning solvents, etc.). These can give off vapors that may ignite or explode.
  • Don’t forget to clean the back of the dryer, where lint may be trapped.
  • Read manufacturers’ warnings in the use and care manuals that accompany new dryers.
  • Ensure that your dryer has rigid or flexible metal venting and ducting materials to help sustain airflow, reduce the risk of overheating, and reduce operating costs.
  • Replace plastic or vinyl exhaust hoses with rigid or flexible metal venting.

These preventative maintenance tips, when paired with regular dryer vent cleanings, keep your dryer running efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Long Drying Cycle

A drying cycle shouldn’t last more than 45 minutes. Long drying cycles are indicative of an issue. Dyer vents needing a cleaning become clogged, preventing dry air from being pulled in. This results in the appliance working overtime, taking longer to complete each cycle. Don’t waste time – one call to our experts can dramatically reduce drying time.

Lint in the Outside Vent

Outdoor air vents allow hot dryer air to exit your home. These vents should remain clean, providing an outlet for air to safely dissipate. Lint forming in these vents means there is a clog. Accumulating lint collects around the vent, giving homeowners advanced notice to schedule a cleaning.

Burning Smell

You shouldn’t associate a burning smell with doing laundry. This odor is dangerous, leading to a fire at any moment. Turn the dryer off immediately and prevent power from running through the machine. Flammable lint is responsible for the burning smell, meaning it is imperative to call our team ASAP.


Using the dryer should not turn your home into a sauna. Overheating means hot air is not escaping from your dryer. This is not only uncomfortable – it is dangerous. Heat buildup leads to a fire hazard, meaning a call to our techs is required to make sure your home safe.

Why Choose Royal Appliance for Dryer Vent Cleanings?

In addition to appliance cleanings, Royal Appliance also offers affordable dryer vent cleanings to residents in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Many dangerous dryer vent fires can be prevented with a simple dryer vent cleaning. Flammable lint and other debris are removed from the dryer vents, not only making your dryer safer, but more efficient too.

As lint builds up, the amount of heat that reaches your dryer is reduced, meaning you may find yourself running the dryer multiple times for one load of laundry. Don’t let buildup become a costly or even dangerous problem – schedule a dryer vent cleaning with Royal Appliance for the highest-quality service at an affordable price.

At Royal Appliance, we are committed to the highest standards of customer care and service. With an appliance or dryer vent cleaning from our experts, your appliance runs safer, longer, and more efficiently. With Royal Appliance, you can rest assured knowing your appliance or dryer vent cleaning will be done right the first time, every time. We pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to outstanding quality, so we never cut corners or settle for anything less than 100% satisfaction.

*Please note that we are unable to clean roof vents or dryer vents that have motors within the vent

Dryer vent being cleaned with spinning brush