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Is Your Oven Ready for the Fall Holidays? Read This Article to Find Out

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season. Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, your oven needs to be up to the task of helping you make your favorite seasonal holiday meals. At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we understand the importance of your appliances, so we’ve laid out some signs that can help you determine if your oven is ready for the holidays:



  1. Temperature Issues

When it comes to safely cooking food in your oven, the temperature of the dish matters. That’s why an oven that is slow to preheat or does not heat evenly can be a major issue. The issue could be caused by the seals or heating elements. To get your oven ready to cook for the holidays, be sure to schedule a Spring, Texas, appliance repair service to address the problem.




  1. Orange Flame

If you own a gas-burning oven, the color of the flame can alert you to a problem that needs fixing. Natural gas flames from your oven should only burn blue, so if you notice yellow or orange flames, it can indicate that there is an issue. To keep yourself and your home safe, discontinue use of your appliance when you notice this problem, and give a professional appliance repair company, like Royal Appliance, a call.




  1. Scorching

If you notice scorch marks on your oven’s worktops, it’s a sign that there is a larger underlying issue with your appliance. Scorch marks could indicate an issue with the seals on the oven allowing heat to escape, or it could mean that the cooling fan has stopped working. Call a Spring, Texas, appliance company for an oven repair. Your technician will be able to pinpoint and address the root of the problem.




  1. Problems with the Pilot Light

Those with gas ovens may find that their oven does not light automatically. If the switch is broken or you find yourself having to frequently relight the pilot light, it means it’s time to schedule a repair with a professional technician. This should be done as quickly as possible, as broken or worn parts on a gas oven can pose the risk for releasing carbon monoxide.


With the holiday season just around the corner, residents in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas are getting their oven ready. To make sure your appliance will survive the season, give Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. a call at (281) 350-6605.