Ice machine repair

Solve Your Ice Machine Issues with a Repair

Summer is the worst time for your ice machine to break down. You’re stuck with a watery mess instead of enjoying an ice-cold drink. We know that no one wants their ice machine to stop working in the Texas heat. Our Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. team has listed signs of potential problems and how we can solve them with an ice machine repair.

common problems

Clogged Filter

Homeowners with a clogged filter will produce cloudy ice cubes. Our experts will unclog your filter and your ice will be clean and better tasting. Improper maintenance is the main cause of a clogged filter. We provide professional advice and repair services, ensuring future problems are less likely to occur.


Leaks cause a mess in your kitchen. Using off-brand filters compromises the filter housing, causing leaks. Only using filters that are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts avoids this issue. Our appliance repair technicians eliminate the guesswork of finding the right OEM part. Waiting to call one of our experts to fix the issue will cause you further, more costly problems.

Frozen Machine

Ice machines are cold, but a frozen machine indicates a serious problem. Ignoring the issue causes permanent damage to the appliance. When you notice the first signs of a frozen machine, schedule one of our repair technicians to repair it. Delaying it will make a small complication become a big one.

Lack of Ice

It’s frustrating when your appliance isn’t functioning properly. A lack of ice can be caused by several underlying problems, requiring professional assistance. Our team will defrost your appliance and quickly assess any damages, requiring a repair.

local ice machine repair

An ice machine repair will make your appliance produce cold and clean ice again. Don’t wait to contact us, if you see any of these problems.

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ice machine repair