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Garbage Disposal Problems? Time for a Repair

A disposal plays a significant role in your kitchen. It is responsible for breaking down food particles, keeping your sink clean and preventing foul smelling food buildup.

A broken disposal shouldn’t be ignored. Call the Royal Appliance team for an assessment and garbage disposal repair, when you notice any of the issues listed below.

common problems

Unusual Sounds

Disposals are supposed to make a “whirring” noise when running, breaking up food particles and other waste. A grinding sound is out of the ordinary, alerting you to a problem with your appliance. Do not ignore this issue. The grinding sound means there is a serious malfunction with the appliance. Don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself. An expert technician is needed to determine the issue and repair your appliance correctly and safely.

Foul Smells

A clean, properly functioning, disposal does not emit any foul odors. Foul smells, from your appliance, indicates a problem. When food isn’t broken down properly, it will rot in your disposal, leading to minor to extremely unpleasant odors. Our appliance repair technicians are experts in disposal repair. They will restore your disposal and eliminate the inconvenience and hassles of a broken disposal.

Frequent Resets

The reset button on your disposal is used for occasional issues, meaning a repair is not necessarily needed. If you need to use your reset button frequently, this may be an indication there is faulty wiring or a need to replace your old disposal. Our experts determine the source of the issue and alert you to whether a repair or new disposal is needed.

local garbage disposal repair

If your disposal is not working properly or has any of these listed issues, it can lead to additional and more expensive problems. Don’t allow your kitchen to lack the full functionality of this or any other essential appliance.

Call us at (281) 350-6605 or visit http://royalappliance.cc/contact-us/ to schedule a garbage disposal repair with our team of experts.

garbage disposal repair