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Dryer Repair Spring, TX

Trust Our Professional Technicians with Your Repair!

A broken or malfunctioning dryer can really make getting the laundry done quite the chore. Ignoring a seemingly minor problem with a dryer may eventually lead to a serious issue or a complete breakdown. Don’t let a problem with your dryer slow down your laundry routine! Call the Royal Appliance team at the first sign of a malfunction for a dryer repair Spring, TX!

Our highly trained and professional appliance technicians can diagnose and repair your dryer fast! Our technicians proudly represent the Royal Appliance brand with honesty, integrity, and always have a friendly attitude. For a repair experience unlike any other, contact our team at Royal Appliance Parts & Service today!

Common Problems for Dryer Repair Spring, TX

Dryer Not Heating

When your dryer isn't heating correctly, or not heating at all, it won't dry your laundry. Don't leave your clothes hanging out to dry. Our highly trained technicians can get your dryer up and running like new again fast!

Dryer Makes Noise

A dryer making noise can cause quite the ruckus. If the loud noise coming from your dryer isn't just accidental loose change in a pants pocket, you'll want to make sure to call a professional you can trust.

Dryer Takes Too Long

If your dryer is taking too long to dry, or you find yourself restarting the dryer multiple times on a single load, it may be time to have a professional take a look at it. A dryer that takes too long to dry can have a variety of causes, including a dangerous buildup of lint. Our pros at Royal Appliance can get your dryer back up and drying quickly, while ensuring your safety.

Brands We Service for Dryer Repair Spring, TX

When your dryer stops working correctly, you need help from a company you can trust.

Royal Appliance is a locally-owned company for Spring, TX. We are happy to offer our customers professional repairs on a wide range of appliance models and brands.

If you find your dryer in need of repair, you can trust Royal Appliance’s professional technicians to get the job done right.

We work on all major dryer brands including:

local Dryer repair

Ignoring the signs of a malfunctioning dryer can cause more harm than good. Don’t let a broken appliance disrupt your schedule!

Call our pros for dryer repair Spring, TX, or contact us for these issues and more…

A dryer with a drum that won’t turn won’t properly dry clothes.

A variety of issues can cause a dryer drum to not turn, including a broken drive belt, a work out drum roller, a faulty drum support bearing, and more. Call one of our dryer repair Spring, TX professionals today!

A dryer overheating can become a dangerous fire hazard.

Overheating dryers typically have a faulty heating element, a clogged vent, blocked air flow, a worn out felt seal, or more. Don’t hesitate to get your dryer problem diagnosed by a professional.

A dryer that won’t start is quite the frustrating problem. Thankfully, our pros can get your dryer fixed and running again in no time.

A dryer that won’t start can be due to a blown thermal fuse, a defective start switch, an obstructed blower wheel, a failed belt switch, and more. Our technicians can diagnose the problem and the possible faulty parts quickly and accurately. 

A dryer that won’t stop can seem like too much of a good thing. However, it can become a fire hazard if it doesn’t automatically turn off after a load is dried.

A dryer that won’t stop a drying cycle can be due to an obstructed blower wheel, a burned out heating element, a clogged lint filter, and more. Make sure to call Royal Appliance to diagnose and repair your dryer today!

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