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For a small appliance, a dishwasher plays a big role in the home. Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. understands that residents in the Great Houston, Conroe, Kingwood, Cypress, Tomball, Magnolia, and Willis areas know the hassle a broken dishwasher can cause.

You’re experiencing problems with your appliance…but is it time to call us to schedule a dishwasher repair? Find out below:

Signs you need dishwasher repair

dishes not getting clean

You pull out a seemingly clean dish only to find it’s covered with food. Gross! Dishwashers shouldn’t leave your dishes dirty. Check the spray arm to make sure it isn’t obstructed. If all is clear, it means there’s a problem with your dishwasher that should be handled by our experts. This seems like an easy, DIY-fix, but dirty dishes from your dishwasher indicate a problem that a professional should diagnose.

dishwasher leaks

This time of year is great for outdoor pools, but pools in your kitchen indicate a problem with your appliance. Leaking water that puddles around the appliance isn’t a problem to fix yourself – you could make the leak worse and cause further damage. Wipe up the puddle and schedule an appointment with us ASAP.

dishwasher clogged

Water should drain from your dishwasher when the cycle ends. If there’s water inside the appliance as you’re unloading dishes, it’s clogged. Food accumulates in the tubes of your appliance, and removal should be handled by a professional. We’ll take care of clogs for you, you enjoy a dishwasher that drains again.

local dishwasher repair

Your dishwasher is an important appliance that makes a mundane chore easy, but only if it’s working at its best. Don’t wait until that load of dirty dishes starts to pile up!

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