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Not only is your refrigerator an essential kitchen appliance, but it’s one that you use every day. Signs that your fridge is in need of repairs shouldn’t be ignored, as they can cause some serious issues. Don’t let a faulty fridge ruin your food and day. If your refrigerator breaks down, don’t hesitate to call the refrigerator repair Conroe team at Royal Appliance!

The Royal Appliance brand employs only the most qualified technicians who show customers integrity, honesty, and helpfulness every single day. Our technicians are the chief representatives of the Royal Appliance brand, and we take great pride in their high level of training and the fantastic customer service they provide. For a repair experience unlike any other, contact Royal Appliance Parts & Service today!

Common Problems for Refrigerator Repair Conroe, TX

Flooded Kitchen

One of the worst feelings is walking into your kitchen to get a snack, only to find water on the floor around your refrigerator. A flooded kitchen is one of the most obvious signs of a malfunctioning refrigerator, indicating a repair is needed as soon as possible. A leaky seal, damaged water supply valve, or clogged defrost drain can allow water to escape from your refrigerator. Ignoring this problem will likely lead to further damage, including electrical problems and more. Schedule a diagnosis and repair with a technician from our refrigerator repair Conroe team ASAP.

Spoiled Food

When your refrigerator breaks, it can't keep food cold and ultimately causes it to spoil. If not taken care of, meat, dairy, and produce will go bad. Rotten food is not only smelly, but it can also make you sick. Don't risk your family's health by eating spoiled food. Our professional refrigerator repair Conroe technicians will pinpoint the issue and repair or replace the broken component.

High Energy Bill

You open your energy bill and are shocked at the cost. What gives? Check your refrigerator. A broken appliance uses more electricity as it tries to operate. Ignoring the problem will not only lead to higher energy bills but can cause major damage to your refrigerator.

Brands We Service for Refrigerator Repair Conroe, TX

When your refrigerator, freezer, or ice maker stops working correctly, you need help from a company you can trust.

We are a locally-owned Conroe, TX company that is proud to offer our customers expert repairs on a wide range of appliance brands and models.

If you find your refrigerator needing repair, you can trust Royal Appliance’s professional repair technicians to get the job done right.

We work on all major refrigerator brands including:

local refrigerator repair

Ignoring the signs of a malfunctioning fridge can cause more harm than good. Don’t let a broken appliance disrupt your life! Call our pros for refrigerator repair Conroe, TX at (281) 454-3388 or schedule online for these issues and more…
Having a lot of food in your fridge may seem like a good idea, but it can actually damage the appliance. Overstuffing your refrigerator puts extra stress on components within the refrigerator. Over-stocking your refrigerator can lead to cooling issues, and can lead to your refrigerator needing repair.

“An oldie but a goodie” is not a compliment you want to give your fridge. If your fridge is on the older side, be prepared to schedule many more repair appointments than newer models. A good rule of thumb is to replace your fridge every 10 years to avoid costly problems. However, your refrigerator can last many more years if it is well maintained and professionally repaired.

Your fridge isn’t over-stocked, and you have a model less than 10 years old. What gives with the problems? Malfunctioning compressors are hard for the average homeowner to diagnose. It can be a frustrating issue, but our team diagnoses and alerts you of any “hidden” reasons behind your refrigerator problem.

The risk of electrocution is high when wires are exposed. This problem should be repaired as soon as possible to protect your young family members from harm. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep your family safe with maintenance and repair. For refrigerator repair Conroe, call us today!