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transport a front load washer

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Never Transport a Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts and These Important Tips

There are various reasons why you would need to transport a front load washer. Moving houses, rearranging your home’s layout, or removing your washer to make room for a new one, require a safe and reliable way to move your appliance. Washer shipping bolts are essential to keep your appliance stable and protected during transportation. The team at Royal Appliance recommends the following steps to prevent problems when moving your machine:

transport a front load washer

How to Prepapre to Transport a Front Load Washer

Unplugging your washer before installing bolts helps prevent any safety risks. Removing the plug immediately cuts off power to the machine, preventing electrocution or a potential fire. Pull the machine away from the wall after unplugging to ensure you can access the drain lines and water hoses.

Drain the Water

Wanting to transport a front load washer? A bucket will be needed during this step. Place the bucket behind your machine, ensuring it is large enough to collect any water draining from the appliance. Remove the water hoses from the back connectors. Place the hoses in the bucket and pull the drain hose gently, allowing the water to fill the bucket. Ensure the machine is completely drained before moving to the next step.

Uncover the Shipping Bolt Holes

To transport a front load washer, carefully move your appliance until you see the rear panel. Uncovering the shipping bolt holes requires access to this component. You will notice cabinet plugs covering the shipping bolt holes. Remove these components from each of the four corners on the panel, exposing the area to screw in the bolts.

Insert the Shipping Bolts

Your shipping bolts may come in two different sizes. To transport a front load washer, arrange the four shipping bolts according to size, eliminating confusion and the possibility for error. Insert the two shorter shipping bolts into the two openings at the top of the rear panel. Longer bolts belong in the bottom two openings on the panel. Some washers utilize bolts that are uniform in size. These are universal bolts, meaning they will fit in any of the four openings. Use a socket and wrench to tighten your shipping bolts, ensuring they will not be jostled loose during transport.

Using washer shipping bolts is an important step when safely moving your front load washer. They allow the appliance to be transported without any internal damage. Our team with then step in and do the rest of the work once your washer has reached its destination. Call us at (281) 350-6605 or visit us at http://royalappliance.cc/contact-us/ to schedule an installation service.

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