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Refrigerator Not Cooling? It May be Due to One of These Issues

Cooling issues with your refrigerator can be a hassle – from spoiled food to sky-high energy costs. However, it can be difficult to diagnose what’s causing the problem if you are unsure of what to look for. At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we understand that no one wants to be in the dark when it comes to finding the reason behind your appliance issues, so we’ve laid out some reasons that could be causing your refrigerator to have cooling problems:

  1. The Air Ducts are Obstructed

As soon as you notice that your refrigerator is not cooling efficiently, check to see how full your appliance is. Is food piled on top of each other? If so, it may be obstructing the air duct and causing the cooling issues with your refrigerator. Typically, air is directed from the freezer to the refrigerator through this air duct, so if it is blocked, the cold air is unable to dissipate through your appliance. Remove or reorganize any extra food to see if that corrects the problem. If not, it’s best to schedule an appliance service with a trusted Spring, Texas, company.

  1. The Seal on the Door is Damaged

Over time, the seal on your refrigerator’s door can become torn, cracked, dry, or damaged. This allows cold air to escape from your appliance, meaning the inside won’t be as cool as it should be. The best way to check if your refrigerator’s issues are caused by a damaged seal is with the “dollar bill test.” Place a bill halfway in the door, close it, and try to pull the money out. If you are able to easily do this, the seal is not functioning properly. To fix this problem, you’ll need the help of a professional appliance repair technician.

  1. The Condenser Coils are Dirty

Dirt and grime buildup on your refrigerator’s condenser coils can easily cause cooling problems with your appliance. It also forces your machine to work harder to maintain a constant temperature, leading to an extreme increase in your energy costs. Use a rag or brush to gently clean the condenser coils. If that does not resolve the issue, you may need completely new refrigerator parts that can easily be ordered through a Spring, Texas, appliance company.

  1. Your Appliance’s Internal Temperature is too High

Many refrigerators are equipped with a temperature dial/display to allow you to easily check how cold your refrigerator is. Typically, this display should run between 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that your appliance is running well above this range, be sure to schedule a refrigerator repair from a professional technician.

Finding out why your refrigerator is having cooling issues can be a challenge, but thankfully, a professional appliance service can address the issue and have your appliance running like new again. Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. is the leading name in appliance service for Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (281) 350-6605.

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