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4 Troubleshooting Tips for a Refrigerator Not Cooling

It’s an inconvenience that nearly every individual will encounter during their lives…you come into your kitchen to grab some food or a cold beverage, only to open the door and discover your refrigerator not cooling. This strikes panic into your heart, as you do not want to lose the expensive contents inside due to spoilage. Do you need to call for an immediate appliance repair or is this something that can be fixed yourself? 

Refrigerator Not Cooling? Try This…

It may be an easy fix, but if it is not, your best bet is to call for an appliance repair and inspection by specialists like the technicians at Royal Appliance Parts and Service. They will quickly be able to identify and remedy a refrigerator not cooling. Here are some of the top reasons that you may be experiencing this problem. 

1. Temperature Control  

Every refrigerator has a temperature setting adjustment that is typically located inside the refrigerator or the front where you can set how cold you want your refrigerator to be. As you are getting food in and out of the unit, it is possible to bump this setting and not even realize it. This can turn the operating temperature up making your fridge warmer than you desire it to be. Does it seem your refrigerator not cooling has become an issue? If you reach in and find way too warm food, check the setting to ensure that it is set to the proper cooling setting.  

refrigerator not cooling

2. Food Overload 

You have just made a giant run to the grocery store, and your refrigerator is packed to the gills. If this food is crammed as tight as it can go, it very well may be blocking the air vent that allows the chilled air into your refrigerator’s food storage area. When you are loading up your unit with fresh foods, take the time to know where your cold air comes from, and do not block this vent and allow space between the wall and shelf for air movement. If it seems your refrigerator not cooling has become a problem, make sure to allow plenty of room around your refrigerated items.

3. Faulty Fan Motors 

A refrigerator has both an evaporator fan motor and a condenser fan motor. The evaporator fan motor is vital to circulate the cold air in your refrigeration unit. If you have a warm fridge, but your freezer items are still frozen solid, it may be a sign that your evaporator fan motor is malfunctioning. 

The condenser fan motor is also responsible for maintaining cool air circulation. However, this fan assists both the refrigeration and freezer compartments in maintaining a proper temperature. If you find both your fresh and frozen items are warming, a failure of this fan may be the culprit. 

4. The Start Relay Has Stopped 

If this switch has become faulty, it can prevent your unit’s compressor from kicking on when the thermostat says it is time. If you have checked the settings, food load, and fans and they are all functional, having an appliance repair technician check your start relay is a logical next step. 

We know it is not fun when your refrigerator stops functioning, but with the friendly service and staff at Royal Appliance, we can get your unit back up and running in no time.  Reach out today! 

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