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Oven Smoking: Common Causes & How You Can Fix It

It can be extremely concerning for Houston, Texas, homeowners when cooking a simple meal in the oven results in plumes of thick, grey smoke. An oven smoking can be caused by many factors, but no matter what the cause, it’s a problem that should be addressed immediately.

Troubleshooting an Oven Smoking

At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we understand that no one wants to deal with a smoking oven, so we’ve laid out some common causes and how you can fix them:

1. Your Oven is Dirty

One of the most likely causes of oven smoking is burnt remnants of previous meals. Drops of grease and bits of food can ignite as your oven heats, leading to smoke spilling out of your appliance. With the oven turned off, check the interior for any spills or burnt-on food residue. If you notice a lot of buildup, it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

2. Your Oven Has Cleaning Residue Left on It

When you’re giving your appliance a good cleaning, be sure to completely remove all residue from the cleaner you used. The chemicals used in the cleaner can certainly result in an oven smoking, along with an unpleasant odor, as your appliance heats up. To ensure you’ve wiped away all cleaning residue, use a vinegar and water solution to wipe the interior of the oven.

3. There is an Issue with the Appliance

All appliance owners will eventually encounter problems caused by one of the elements in the appliance. Excessive heat buildup can lead to a short in the heating elements of your oven, eventually leading to smoke and a slight “buzzing” sound coming from your oven. When a short happens, the affected heating element won’t glow red. If it’s an issue with the bottom heating element, the issue will occur during the “bake” setting. When the top heating element is affected, the issue will arise during the “broil” setting. This may cause oven smoking to begin. Before smoke begins pouring from your oven, it’s best to schedule an appliance service with a trusted Spring, Texas, company.

4. You’re Positioning Your Food Incorrectly

How you position your food in the oven can make all the difference. If you place food too close to the broiler when using this setting, it can scorch the meal and cause oven smoking. The same principle applies when baking food – always make sure there is at least 3 inches of room in-between the heating element and your food to prevent any smoke and burnt food.

A smoking oven can be an inconvenience, but it doesn’t mean that the appliance is no longer usable. These easy tips can help you identify and solve the problem. For professional appliance repair and service in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. a call at (281) 350-6605.

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