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Maytag washer leaves clothes wet

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Maytag Washer Leaves Clothes Wet? This May Be Why…

When clothes are still soaking wet at the end of a wash cycle you know something’s amiss. Why is my Maytag washer leaving clothes too wet? The selected wash setting may not include an adequate spin cycle. Determine why your Maytag washer leaves clothes wet with these common causes.

What To Do When Your Maytag Washer Leaves Clothes Wet

What do I do if my laundry is too wet when the wash cycle ends? Avoid putting it directly in the dryer and run an extra spin cycle instead. Due to their extra weight, malfunctions and part failures can result from clothes too wet for the dryer. Here’s how to restore washer function when it leaves clothes wet and save your dryer from harm.

Maytag washer leaving clothes too wet

1. Lack of Power

Insufficient power is a common reason a Maytag washer leaves clothes wet. Without adequate power, the washer may not spin as quickly or at all, leaving clothes soaked. Refrain from using an extension cord to power your washer, as these cords can’t reliably transmit the voltage it requires, decreasing spin speeds. Extension cords can also cause surges that interrupt power mid-cycle before the washer has a chance to spin.

Even if you don’t use an extension cord, outside power failures can also result in interruptions that cut off the spin cycle. If you experience a power outage, check for tripped breakers in your home’s circuit breaker box, resetting any if necessary. You may need to select a new wash cycle and start the washer again after a power failure.

2. Wrong Cycle Settings

The wrong wash cycle could be another reason your Maytag washer leaves clothes soaked. Wash settings labeled as Low Spin or No Spin have decreased spin speeds or no spin cycle at all to protect delicate fabrics. However, these spin speeds will leave standard wash loads soaking wet. Before starting your washer, check the control panel to make sure the selected setting includes a spin cycle appropriate for your wash load.

3. Maytag Washer is Overloaded

Overloading your washer with too many clothes can result in an imbalanced wash load that reduces spin cycle speeds. When the spin speed is reduced, you’ll find clothes too wet after spin cycle ends. Most washing machine maintenance tips recommend filling the washer only ¾ of the way full to avoid overloading and maintain spin cycle speeds.

4. Maytag Washer Not Spinning Properly

Certain part failures can prevent the washer from spinning properly and require a professional repair.

Check for the following part malfunctions when your Maytag washer leaves clothes wet:

  • Drive belt: The drive belt wraps around the washer tub via two pulleys, enabling it to spin via the motor’s power. If it loosens or frays, the washer may not spin adequately. If the belt breaks, it may not spin at all.
  • Lid switch: On top load washers, the lid switch signals the tub to spin and start a wash cycle once the lid is shut. If the lid switch is faulty and doesn’t engage, it won’t prompt a cycle to begin even if the lid is closed.
  • Door latch: For front load washers, the door latch engages when the door is properly closed, prompting a wash cycle to start. If the latch is broken or fails electronically, it won’t signal the start of a wash cycle even when the door is closed.

5. Faulty Maytag Washer Part

Faulty draining components can also be the reason your Maytag washer leaves clothes wet. If the washer doesn’t drain properly, the excess water can cause spinning issues.

These malfunctions cause draining problems that impede spinning and may require a professional washer repair:

  • Drain hose kinks or clogs: Kinks in the drain hose can restrict waterflow, as can clogs, causing backups that leave excess water in the washer.  While kinks can be gently straightened and clogs carefully removed, a damaged drain hose must be replaced.
  • Drain filter clogs: A clogged drain filter prevents water from flowing to the drain pump, resulting in backups in the washer drum. To clean the filter, open the access panel at the bottom of the washer, take out the filter, and remove any visible debris.
  • Drain pump malfunctions: While clogs can be removed to restore drain pump function, it must be replaced if its impellers break or its motor fails. Given the drain pump’s location at the back of the washer, we suggest a professional technician address this repair.

Let the professionals at Royal Appliance Parts & Service help when your Maytag washer leaves clothes wet. Schedule your service with us today!

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