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gas stove won't light

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Follow These Easy Tips if Your Gas Stove Won’t Light

When it’s time to cook a delicious meal at the end of a long day, the last problem you want to encounter is a stove that won’t light. While common, a gas stove won’t light can be frustrating for many residents in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Gas Stove Won’t Light? Try These Tips…

At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we know that no one wants to deal with the hassle of not being able to use their gas stove, so we’ve listed some easy tips to use when you need a gas stove repair:

1. Have a Professional Fix a Loose Connection

There aren’t too many components in a gas stove, but connections between the mechanisms can come loose, especially if the appliance has recently been cleaned or installed. This can be especially troublesome if the connections between your igniter and control module are damaged or shaken loose – you’ll be dealing with a gas stove that won’t light. Thankfully, calling a Spring, Texas, company that can help with a gas stove repair allows the issue to be safely addressed.

2. Schedule a Repair for the Igniter

Repairing a broken igniter in your gas stove can be easily done with the help of an appliance repair company. When the igniter is in need of a service, you’ll notice that, when trying to light the stove, yellow or orange sparks will appear instead of the usual bluish-white hue. Addressing this problem involves disconnecting wires within your appliance and precisely matching the part you need, so it is best to schedule a repair with a professional who will be able to help you find the correct part and repair your gas stove in a timely manner.

gas stove won't light

3. Clean the Appliance

If your gas stove won’t light, the root cause may simply be due to grease buildup or food crumbs that are blocking the flow of gas to the igniter. If the grease buildup becomes too dense, this can even be dangerous should the grease catch on fire. Luckily, this safety hazard can be easily avoided by taking some time to thoroughly clean the appliance. Typically, you should aim to do a quick cleaning once or twice per month to prevent a potentially dangerous situation and to ensure that your gas stove will light properly when you need it. Remove each burner grate along with the burner caps. Once complete, lift the burner base to allow you to thoroughly clean the area. Depending on the model of your stove, you may need to use a screwdriver to remove the base before cleaning. Once all the external components have been removed, use a warm, soapy cloth to ensure all grease and food crumbs are wiped away. Once this is finished, fill up a bucket with warm water and vinegar to place the burner seal in. After allowing the base to soak for 15 minutes, use a stiff brush to remove any gunk or grime. Finally, use a toothpick or compressed air to remove any small, lingering debris from the burner holes. Reinstall the freshly-cleaned components and ignite the burner. You should notice an immediate improvement in the way the stove functions.

4. Adjust the Burner Cap and Burner Head

If essential components, like the burner cap and burner head, are not in their correct potion, it could lead to a stove that refuses to ignite. Just like a puzzle, each piece of your appliance has a designated area where it will fit comfortably within the overall appliance structure. Both the burner cap and burner head should fit securely into a designated crevice. If you notice issues with these components not lying flat on the appliance, or if they seem mismatched with the crevice, addressing the issue is easy. Simply adjust the components until they fit comfortably into their designated space. The burner head should be secure and have a burner cap that matches its position.

If your gas stove won’t light, it can be a real problem when it comes time to cook a meal for yourself or your family. While some fixes are easier than others, each one should be addressed as quickly as possible to minimize any possible safety concerns, damage to your appliance, and disruption to your life. For professional gas stove repairs, and other appliance repairs and service in Spring, Texas, call us at (281) 350-6605 or contact us at http://royalappliance.cc/contact-us/.

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