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Curious Why Your Washer Won’t Fill with Water? It Could be One of These Reasons

Simply put, your washer helps make your life easier by helping keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh. However, when your washer won’t fill with water, it can indicate that there’s a problem with the machine that should be addressed.

Washer Won’t Fill with Water? This May Be Why…

At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we know that homeowners want to know the best way to fix their appliance, so we’ve laid out some possible reasons that your washer isn’t filling with water:

1. The Lid Switch Isn’t Working

The lid switch is what keeps your appliance from running while the lid is open. This acts as a safety feature on almost every modern washing machine. However, these switches can sometimes get stuck in the “open” position, leading your machine to think that the lid is open – even when you have shut it. If your washer won’t fill, it may think the lid is open, it will not begin a washing cycle and fill up with water. The simplest fix for this problem is to call a Spring, Texas, appliance technician for a repair.

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2. The Inlet Screen is Clogged

Your washing machine should have a filter screen in the hot and cold-water hoses. The purpose of this screen is to capture any large particles before they enter one of the hoses. If the screens become clogged, it can prevent the water from flowing the way it should. This common problem can lead to a washer that won’t fill with water, but the issue can be resolved with a simple cleaning of the screen. However, if removing buildup from the screen doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to call a Spring, Texas, appliance repair company.

3. The Water Inlet Valve is Faulty

The water inlet valves are an essential part of the machine that controls when your washer starts and stops filling with water. If your washer won’t fill, you may have a faulty water inlet valve. When one of these valves is faulty, it can mean that the washer is being “signaled” to not fill up with water. Fortunately, the part can be easily replaced with the help of an appliance repair technician.

4. The Water Level Switch is Malfunctioning

On many modern washing machines, there is a switch that prevents your washer from filling up past a certain level. When this switch malfunctions, it signals to the machine that the water level is too high, preventing any water from filling your appliance. Until the switch is inspected and repaired by a professional, your washer won’t fill with any water.

A washer that won’t fill with water is frustrating but finding the source of the problem and scheduling a professional repair can help address these issues. For appliance repair and service in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. a call at (281) 350-6605.

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