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An Appliance Service from Our Team Fixes Frustrating Problems

You don’t notice how much you need your appliances until problems arise. How can you cook food, wash dishes, or enjoy an ice-cold drink with malfunctioning appliances? At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we know it’s difficult to tell when an appliance service is needed. It’s time to call our team when you notice the following issues:

  • Expensive Energy Bills

Yikes! You notice your energy bills are sky-high, leaving you with an expensive problem. Putting off an appliance repair doesn’t save you money. You’ll spend more in energy costs and have to deal with an appliance not functioning correctly. Malfunctioning appliances utilize higher amounts of energy that add up on your bill.  Avoid this costly issue with a repair from our team.

  • Your Appliance Won’t Start

The simple fix isn’t working. You’ve unplugged your machine and plugged it back in, finding that it refuses to start. An unusable appliance is a guaranteed indicator a repair is needed. Our experts are the answer to an appliance that turns on when needed, finding the root of the issue and addressing any factors that could make it worse.

  • Obvious Signs of Malfunction

Smoking, unusual odors, or odd sounds are indicative of appliance malfunction. These signs are easy to spot, allowing you to call our team for a service ASAP.  Don’t put it off – obvious malfunctions cause permanent damage. Calling our team is the safest bet, avoiding any safety concerns from a DIY job.

No one wants to deal with the hassle of an appliance in need of repair. Noticing these signs means it’s time to contact our team. Call us at (281) 350-6605 or visit us at to schedule your appliance service.

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