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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine in Great Shape

We rely on washing machines to keep our clothes clean and fresh, so it can be a hassle when your machine doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Residents in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas may find themselves wondering what they can do to help one of their most important appliances perform at its best. At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we understand that keeping your washer in top shape is important, so we’ve laid out some maintenance tips to help:

1. Keep Your Machine Level

Does your washing machine shake your entire laundry room as it’s running? It could be because your appliance isn’t level with the floor. Vibrating and rocking, if left ignored, can take a toll on your washer and cause problems over time. To keep your appliance running as long as possible, check the front and back legs on your machine. Most models of washers have adjustable front and back legs. Position the legs to your desired height, make sure all legs are level, and set their position with a locknut to avoid loud knocking and vibrating and keep your appliance working at its best.

2. Clean the Inside of Your Machine

Most people don’t take into consideration that the inside of their washing machine needs to be cleaned. However, residue from your laundry detergent can build up in the tub over time. Not only can this clog the machine, it can also mean that your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they should. To keep your washer in top shape, take some time to clean the inside of your machine once a month. Fill the washer using the hottest water setting and the longest wash cycle. As the tub fills, add one quart of vinegar or bleach to the water. Add a cup of baking soda, close the lid, let the washer agitate for a minute or two, and open the lid again. Allow the water, baking soda, and vinegar to set for one hour, and use a toothbrush to clean any dirty nooks and crannies. After one hour, close the lid again and allow your washer to finish the cycle. Once complete, run one more cycle with a quart of vinegar to clean any residue left behind by the initial cleaning cycle.

3. Inspect the Hoses

Just like hoses within your car, the hoses for your washing machine can wear down and weaken over time. The easiest way to catch this problem is by inspecting the hoses a few times each year. Check for any cracking or blistering that could lead to a leak or burst. If you notice any problems, it may be time to schedule a washer repair with a reputable company in Spring, Texas. Typically, your washer’s hoses will last about 5 years, but these preventative maintenance checks can help avoid any premature issues that may arise.

4. Don’t Overload Your Machine

While it may be tempting to cram as many clothes as possible into your washer to clean them all at once, it actually does quite a bit of harm. Oversized loads can strain and damage your washer’s motor, transmission, and agitator, which can lead to a variety of different issues with your machine. Check the owner’s manual for the appropriate loading sizes for your washer. While it may mean you need to do a couple more loads of laundry, the overall lifespan of your washer will be longer, saving you money on frequent replacements.

5. Move Your Machine

If your washer is too close to the wall, it may cause the hoses to kink, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear as well as reduce the water supply to your washing machine. To prevent any potential problems, simply move your washing machine to allow at least 4 inches of space in between the wall and your machine.

Even the most rigorously maintained washers can require repairs. For expert, hassle-free appliance repairs in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. a call at (281) 350-6605.

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