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5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Dishwasher

We rely on our dishwasher almost every day, so it can be stressful when this important appliance breaks down. Who wants to deal with the inconvenience of dirty dishes piling up while you search for a new dishwasher? At Royal Appliance Parts & Service Inc., we understand that no one wants to deal with a dishwasher breakdown, so we’ve listed some tips to help extend the overall life of one of your most important kitchen appliances:

1. Choose the Right Detergent

Did you know that simply changing the type of dish detergent you use can extend the overall life of your dishwasher? Gel-based detergents are often made with chlorine bleach, which can lead to damage on your appliance over time. Instead, stick to powder-based tablets that are gentler on your dishwasher.

2. Use a Drying Rack

Drying cycles on your dishwasher are convenient, but the unnecessary wear and tear it causes for your machine can reduce its overall lifespan. To get your dishes dry while keeping your dishwasher in great shape, turn off the drying cycle and purchase a drying rack instead. Simply take the dishes out at the end of their cycle and place them in the rack to dry. Not only does this help your dishwasher, it can also save you some money on your electricity costs.

3. Clean the Filters

In most dishwashers, there is a filter located at the bottom of the appliance. When these filters become clogged with excess food or other debris, your appliance won’t be able to function at its best, reducing the life of one of your most essential appliances. To prevent clogs, be sure to check the filters at least once a week and clean as needed.

4. Use Hot Water

If your dishwasher allows you to set the water temperature, make sure it is on maximum heat. Using warm water instead of hot may not use as much energy but washing dishes with water less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit increases the risk of detergent residue buildup. As this residue builds up, the lifespan of the dishwasher is reduced.

5. Run the Garbage Disposal

Prior to starting your dishwasher, take a moment to run the garbage disposal in your sink. While the two may not seem connected, running the garbage disposal clears out the plumbing pipes to ensure proper drainage. This prevents the food in your garbage disposal from making contact with your dishes while they are being cleaned.

The hassle of a broken dishwasher is something that no one wants to deal with. These simple tips can prevent that hassle by keeping your dishwasher in great shape for years to come. For maintenance or repairs on your household appliances, give Royal Appliance Parts & Service Inc. a call at (281) 350-6605. We’re a leading name in appliance maintenance in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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