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stove repair and oven repair before the holidays

Stove Repair and Oven Repair Before the Holidays

One of the most memorable times of the year is the aroma of cooking, during the Holidays. Most households will be busy cooking multiple meals, especially if you have a large family or visitors for the Holidays. With so many mouths to feed and a large meal to cook, you will need all four burners of your stove and oven…

Microwave Repair

Contact Our Team for a Microwave Repair

Your microwave plays a valuable role. It easily heats leftovers and quick snacks, taking the hassle out of firing up the oven. It’s important to schedule a microwave repair at the first sign of problems. Contact the experts at Royal Appliance when: (more…)

Oven Repair Service

Schedule an Oven Repair Service Before the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner. Holiday parties and gatherings require a fully functioning oven, baking and cooking the season’s most popular treats. Don’t let a broken oven ruin your holiday. Schedule an oven repair service with our experts to avoid: (more…)

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Problems? Time for a Repair

A disposal plays a significant role in your kitchen. It is responsible for breaking down food particles, keeping your sink clean and preventing foul smelling food buildup. A broken disposal shouldn’t be ignored. Call the Royal Appliance team for an assessment and garbage disposal repair, when you notice any of the following issues: (more…)

Washer Shipping Bolts

Never Transport a Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts

There are various reasons why you would need to transport your front load washer. Moving houses, rearranging your home’s layout, or removing your washer to make room for a new one, require a safe and reliable way to move your appliance. Washer shipping bolts are essential to keep your appliance stable and protected during transportation. The team at Royal Appliance…

Ice Machine Cleaner

Need a Cleaner Ice Machine? Let Our Experts Help!

An ice machine is essential during a Texas summer. It keeps drinks cold, allowing family or restaurant patrons to enjoy a refreshing drink. A dirty ice machine negates everything the appliance is meant to do, leading to problems like unsanitary ice, appliance breakdown, and expensive repairs. A cleaning service from Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. gets a dirty ice…

Appliance Service

An Appliance Service from Our Team Fixes Frustrating Problems

You don’t notice how much you need your appliances until problems arise. How can you cook food, wash dishes, or enjoy an ice-cold drink with malfunctioning appliances? At Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc., we know it’s difficult to tell when an appliance service is needed. It’s time to call our team when you notice the following issues: (more…)

Window AC Repair

Keep Cool with a Professional Window AC Repair

Your air conditioner is essential during the Texas summer. It keeps you and your family cool and comfortable. Problems with your AC lead to a major hassle. Our team can address your most complex window AC problems with an expert repair: (more…)

Oven Repair

Avoid Problems – Schedule Your Oven Repair with Our Experts

Your oven is an important appliance. Baked treats and hot food are out of the question if you need an oven repair. Putting it off leads to expensive or permanent problems that an expert could have easily addressed. Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. knows the importance of keeping your oven running. Here are some problems you’ll run into without…