Appliance Cleaning

Cleaning & Preventative maintenance programs

Royal Appliance Parts & Service Inc. is a full-service appliance service company, meaning we not only can help you with repairs and general service, but we can also perform essential cleaning services on important components within your home.

When it comes to the way your appliances and dryer vents function, dirty buildup can be just as damaging as damaged parts. That’s why Royal Appliance offers expert cleaning services for your dryer vents, ice machine, and window AC units.

Appliance Maintenance

Whether you use an ice machine for commercial or personal use, it’s essential to keep it cleaned and sanitized. Royal Appliance recommends you have your ice machine cleaned every 6 months. At Royal Appliance, we are committed to providing expert ice machine cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about any gunky buildup on one of your most essential appliances. Our technicians take the time to thoroughly inspect and clean all components of your ice machine, so you can enjoy clean, sanitary ice at any time.

Regular cleanings from the Royal Appliance team can also help extend the life of your appliance, preventing issues that can be caused by dirty buildup, like impeded heat transfer or troublesome freeze-ups. Trust the professionals at Royal Appliance to clean your ice machine right the first time, every time.

In addition to helping your appliance run smoothly, regular cleaning can expand the overall lifespan of your window AC unit. Additionally, regular cleanings can help protect your health. Grime and gunk built up in your AC means you are breathing and consuming everything that has accumulated in your appliances.

A simple cleaning from our outstanding technicians can help keep you, your family, and your appliance feeling their best. We even offer cleaning specials from February through March, so you can receive outstanding work and peace of mind at a great price.

Regular dryer vent cleanings help reduce your energy bills and can even help prevent dryer fires.

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