September 2019 | Home Appliance Parts & Services


Washer Shipping Bolts

Never Transport a Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts

There are various reasons why you would need to transport your front load washer. Moving houses, rearranging your home’s layout, or removing your washer to make room for a new one, require a safe and reliable way to move your appliance. Washer shipping bolts are essential to keep your appliance stable and protected during transportation. The team at Royal Appliance…

Ice Machine Cleaner

Need a Cleaner Ice Machine? Let Our Experts Help!

An ice machine is essential during a Texas summer. It keeps drinks cold, allowing family or restaurant patrons to enjoy a refreshing drink. A dirty ice machine negates everything the appliance is meant to do, leading to problems like unsanitary ice, appliance breakdown, and expensive repairs. A cleaning service from Royal Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. gets a dirty ice…